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                      AMALABERG rated BEST KENNEL at  CANADIAN  NATIONALS 2017 !

VA1 ALPHA von AMALABERG awarded the Best Canadian Bred Female in 2017!    

Rated Best Kennel at 2008, 2009, 2011, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022 National and Regional Events!

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                                              It was filmed here in Canada on our premises, it aired

                                                   in 5 episodes in Europe-Romania and presents us,

                                                   our work and life passion: the German Shepherd Dog



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VA1 ALPHA von AMALABERG – IPO training video (1):
 VA1 ALPHA von AMALABERG – IPO training video (2):
                                 VA1 ALPHA von AMALABERG – CANADIAN SIEGERSHAU 2017 – (Ring):
                                        VA1 ALPHA von AMALABERG – CANADIAN SIEGERSHAU 2017 (Protection):

                                  VA RHONDA von AMALABERG – CANADIAN SIEGERSHAU 2017 (Ring): 



                                         VA RHONDA von AMALABERG – CANADIAN SIEGERSHAU 2017 (Protection):















                                           "AMALABERG" is a hobby kennel where dogs are part of the family.
                                                  They are trained and have an active life, they exercise on a regular basis and                                                     love trotting along the bicycle, they love playing and working and...just being happy dogs.
                                                We strive for best conformation and temperament, to reduce and eliminate
                                                    as much as possible the breed's genetically transmitted problems and our goal
                                                  is to produce healthy and great quality purebred dogs, using some of the best     bloodlines in the world.
                                   Responsible dog breeding is both: art and science and our "recipe to
                                                 success" in our work with the dogs, is to be 100% committed, to study,
                                                  research and work hard to select, raise, train and constantly improve the quality.
                       It is a demanding activity, that requires 24/7 time and work.
                                                  The "Amalaberg" dogs have both: beauty and balanced temperament -
                                                  they have the skills required to be suitable for any environment and,
                                                 their happy disposition, energy and natural pleasure to work makes them easy to
                                                 train - from just being reliable and well behaved family companions to highly trained sport and service dogs.
                                They are on a high quality diet that keeps them healthy and fit.
                                                All our dogs are x-rayed and OFA certified for hips and elbows and all are
                           tested for and certified A-clear for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy).
                                      All are shown and evaluated by well-known judges as true to the breed's
                                           standard in all details and all have exceptional results in important shows and competitions.
                                         They are trained, and many of them also go through high level training in IPO (Schutzhund), are trialed and breed surveyed.
                              All our breeding dogs pass their ENDURANCE test (20 km of running).
                                           Our puppies leave at around 8 weeks of age, 3 times preventively dewormed,
                                      vaccinated, with a puppy kit containing food and materials that offer
                                                 valuable information with regards to raising, training and living with a dog, health   and vaccination, etc.
                    All our dogs and puppies are CKC registered.
                                               The puppies go to their new homes with 6 weeks free health insurance from
                                               the moment they go into their new home – this is offered through the Canadian Kennel Club.
                                             Sometimes, puppies that live close enough will gather together here,
                                                   under George's supervision, for training classes - for proper socialization
                                                   and for learning "good manners" while having a lot of fun, in a relaxed and natural environment.
                                              This is beneficial for both owner and dog and this helps the young dogs
                                                   turn into the good companions they are expected to become and reaching their genetic potential.
                                                The relationships that develop with our puppies owners will often turn into lifelong friendships.
                                                   It is very rewarding for us to see our beautiful German Shepherds living
                      full and happy lives and bringing so much joy to their families.
                       Please take the time to research a little before contacting us.
  About the German Shepherd in general
                                (the difference between North American lines and German lines,
                             between working and show lines) and about our dogs in particular.
                                                  There is nothing wrong with being a first time owner or having no experience with the breed.
                            We all started this way and it is an exciting and rewarding journey.
                            But, before committing to having a dog and bringing a puppy home,
                                               everyone should educate themselves a little and learn some basic and important things.
                                           About life with a German Shepherd dog, about dogs life stages, health and
                                                  disease/parasite prevention, puppy vaccination program, “home quarantine”
                                                    in the first months of life until the immune system is strong enough to protect
                                            from infectious diseases, basic training and socialization, DIET and what is
                                                  healthy for a German Shepherd and what not, and also COSTS – as having a pet
                                         means regular extra expenses and responsibility that need to be taken into consideration.
                               We do not worry when the new client says that it is their first dog,
                                                  but we worry when for instance they ask if the puppy comes with
                                           "all vaccines done" at 7-8 weeks of age, potty trained or trained in general.
                                                 Or to have questions like “when will you have puppies” or “do you
                                               have puppies”, or “who are the parents”, etc. when our Litters page has the
                                                 complete and detailed information about everything: timing, availability,
                                             parents – with pictures and easy access to their pages that contain all the
                                        information that can be: pedigree, show/trial results, certification, pictures.
                                                  And more pictures and detailed info of the parents and dogs related on
                                               the NEWS page that is so rich in details and so helpful when someone needs
                                                 to determine what kind of dog they wish for, if our dogs are what they are looking for and most importantly: the quality of our dogs.

                                             Please take the time to research and learn about your potential new dog,
                                          about their breeder, what raising and owning a dog means and involves.
                                           We have a large amount of inquiries and unfortunately
                                              do not have the material time to educate everyone from 0 in all details and
                                                   we need our puppies to go to homes that are responsible and with
                                  a minimum of knowledge and preparation.
                                                   We have written materials with a lot of info available to our pups owners and we
                                                 take the time to go through everything, to help make the dogs transition into the
                                               new homes as smooth as possible and for the new owners to have a positive
                                              experience and enjoy raising their puppies, but it is impossible to
                                              cover everything that anybody should be aware of, when bringing
                                          a puppy home, and what life with a canine companion is all about.
                                                     We offer lifetime support to our puppies' owners and are always here for them,
                                                   ready to answer questions and guide them, help them with training if they are close enough.
                                                 But, as always, common sense should also be present and people need
                                                  to understand what their responsibilities are, and that a canine companion
                                                     is a lifetime commitment that has its joys and sometimes challenging moments and all is part of life with a pet.
                                        We have wonderful puppies year round and young or retired dogs for sale occasionally.
                          We are located in Ontario, 80 minutes south of Toronto,
                        45 minutes from Hamilton 1.5 hours from London,
                  1 hour from Niagara and Buffalo border,
                in Hagersville/Cayuga/Fisherville area
               (close to Hwy 6 South from 403).
Visitors welcome by appointment.
E-mail: amalaberg@xplornet.ca
Phone # (905) 779-0677
                      (please note that we have problems with some Hotmail accounts
                     as they do not receive our correspondence and it is better if
                     other email address than Hotmail is being used to contact us)
                                         The information, images, and/or data contained in this email and
                       our website are the property of AMALABERG KENNEL

                                     and may not be copied, distributed, modified,  reproduced in whole
                  or in part under any circumstances
UPDATED: July 3, 2023