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                                              A few words about us:

 German Shepherd breeders and trainers - we started breeding good quality German line dogs more than 28 years ago, in our home country Romania (Bucharest).

Amalaberg kennel was well-known for many years in that part of Europe and won 2 years in a row the title “Kennel No 1” at the Romanian Championship 1998/1999 - under German Judges.

During the years, being also active members in the Romanian Kennel Club board and also as president and vice-president of the German-Shepherd and Collie Club, we constantly worked and were interested in being involved in this complex process of improving the bloodlines and updating and keeping up with Germany's great efforts in genetic selection and constant improvement of this breed.

 We imported quite a number of valuable dogs and had great satisfactions in our work: selecting, breeding, showing, training wonderful German Shepherd dogs.

We moved to Canada in 2001 and continued our work.

Our present group of dogs is coming from some of the best bloodlines in the world - 100% German show-working lines - and they all and their progeny have an incredible balanced potential: beautiful and correct conformation (lovely looking dogs) and in the same time great working skills (100% trainable for SchH or any kind of other working trials, not to mention what perfect and reliable companions they are).

Very healthy and strong bloodlines, checked in Germany on many generations behind - for hips, elbows, health, temperament, conformation, working skills, all DNA tested, etc.

                                                    Let us introduce ourselves.
                                                                    We are:



Our 2 foundation females were born in 1988 and 1989 and since then
we worked hard, our passion for this great breed continued to grow and
 in the following years we imported very good quality dogs and our journey began.....

BATORFIA ANDOS (our first import male - Atlas von Bad-Boll son) imported in 1991.

NORTH-PANNON PABLO (Nero von Hirshel son) - 1992 - a great male, 4 consecutive years Romanian Champion; with a very good quality progeny, a great base of our breeding program.

DINGO von der YUGOBOX (Karly von Arminius son) - our greatest success of those times: he “opened new doors” for our kennel. Champion of Romania 1998/1999, great stud male with great progeny. On “Show pictures” page a number of pictures are showing him and his progeny group (16 of his grown-up puppies) in 1999 Championship - SV Judge: Mr. Berthold Wienecke.
SINDIE von AMALABERG (North-Pannon Pablo daughter) one of our best females that won every single competition she participated in and had wonderful puppies. In the picture: Winner of “working class females” in 1998 Championship - SV Judge: Mr. Werner Ebbe.


Our passion and work continue here, in our new country.

Everyone is welcome to join us in the wonderful world of this amazing breed, to learn about it and enjoy the companionship of the most versatile and complete dog.

Updated: Oct/2017

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